Hi, I'm Sandra and I'm a hybrid.

Ever met a scientist who does web design? Now you have!

I have never quite been able to make up my mind whether I prefer art or research, and so I have always done both. While covering a lot of ground from sensor networks and cognitive psychology to medical technology and business development as a researcher, my photographic work is today accepted into international exhibitions.

Arion Creative has now developed from a passion for website creation into a fully-fledged service with some crafty German engineering. I only take on a limited number of projects per year and also limit projects to those who bring something positive to humanity, be it plumbing or societal change.

I am based in Birmingham but work UK-wide.

If you would like to work with me, just drop me a line and we can talk.

Want a broad mix of skills?

I bring a healthy combination of knowledge and feel to the table.

In my professional ‘life’, I am an academic business development manager, helping small companies grow through sustainable business model innovation. In the past, I have also successfully worked in medical devices (developing a digital sight aid), user interface design, eye tracking and biomechanics. So you will work with someone who is a bit brainy, creative and has the technical skills to turn this mix into an actual website.

Logical approach.

I have worked scientifically in the area of vision, visually guided decision making and user interface design for almost 10 years. This flows into a structured and rational approach to creating websites that make sense.

Your business, your way.

Thanks to my background working with start-ups and SMEs, I find it easy to understand your business. Together, we can translate your USP and key selling points into an enjoyable user journey can call to action.

Technical expertise.

Through my work at the interface of Engineering, Life Sciences and Cognitive Psychology, I have coded up all sorts of things from clinical data to real-time eye tracking analysis. I’m not scared of complicated things. Bring it on.