Website Design

Case Studies

List of Case Studies

1. Pen Jones Cartoons

Custom website developed from scratch to detailed specification by the artist.

Colour Scheme

Colour scheme developed in harmony with key drawing provided by artist.

Event photography

Photography of a wedding event.

Close artist input

Website design developed closely with the artist through iterative steps to ensure full alignment with his vision. 

Image edits

Improvement and harmonisation of mobile phone images provided for the website.


Conversion of drawings into vectors to be used on the website and as part of the logo.

2. Quinton Carpets

Custom website developed from scratch to open specification.

Colour Scheme

Colour scheme built on existing colours on van and shop.


Photography of carpet fitting, staff, shop and products.

Logo recreation

Digital logo created from existing image of logo on the van (no digital file available).

Content Development

Support writing the website content based on existing Facebook material, conversations and research.

3. Grand Prix Photography

Custom website developed from scratch mapping onto desired template to detailed specification by the client.

Site re-vamp

Creation of high-impact site, retaining original content but improving appearance.


Logo creation based around ideas from the client.


Easy-to-use content creation system displaying as professional news feed. Set up to be managed by client.

External Shop

Integration of external shop within site.

4. Smethwick Photographic Society

Hybrid website developed based on WordPress template and bespoke landing page / online lectures, structuring and re-creating large amounts of content.

Site re-vamp

Creation of modern site while keeping original structures, known user journeys and club requirements intact.

Automatic Calendar & Countdowns

Integration with Google Calendar, automatically displaying upcoming events. Inclusion of countdown timers.

Web Shop & Lecture Streams

Creation of integrated web shop and lecture streams linked up with club’s PayPal.

Website Identity

Creation of site logo based on club’s existing materials.

5. Shaziety

Custom activist website and blog developed from scratch in close collaboration with the client.

Dynamic structure

Automatic display of blog items in visual structure on landing page.


Logo creation based around input from the client.


Simple to use blog with automatic display and formatting based on tags.


Brainstorming sessions to identify site purpose, call to action, structure and look-and-feel.

6. Two Towers Brewery Shop

Custom web-shop website developed from scratch to facilitate easier order management during COVID, linking up with existing brewery website.

Online Shop

WooCommerce shop design and set up mapping onto order options.

Visual presence

Cartoons by Pen Jones and visual presentation to match.

Delivery flyer

Design and production of flyer together with client to accompany deliveries.


Coaching of client to run, administer and update the shop self-sufficiently.